A Lecture on Soldering By The Soldering Craftsman Contents

A lecture on Soldering


PrefaceEven the technicians from a first-class motor manufacturer couldn’t help saying, “Welldone!” when they first see the soldering as shown in the photo. Furthermore, some companies even make it a model piece of work in some performance standards. Many people I met during my visit to some facilities for soldering training would make the judgment: “Well done” at the first sight, though still a handful of people will say to themselves, “I don’t think so.”

It can be seen in the photo that there is cold soldering due to under-heating during soldering operation. However, some people misunderstand that it’s solid enough as “a considerable amount of tin solder is on the soldered spot.”

July, 2007 
NOSE MASAHARU, a soldering craftsman pursuing joy in work